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Re: your number one technique

NOTHING AND NO WORDS can replace experience regardless of the reason to get into a real fight.

An arm can do only a limited set of movements, and combinations that have been proved as truly effective are routinely taught.
Seeing as you like stories so much: You are engaged in a fight. You are a skilled boxer, your opponent is not. He makes a small hand movement, which has no boxing equivalent, and is not a strike or feint. You are looking into his eyes. He strikes at you, and you avoid it easily, because you are a skilled boxer. Except that small hand movement was him drawing a knife. Had it been a punch, you would have dodged it, but with the extra reach afforded by the blade, you have now been stabbed.

You are a skilled boxer. Your opponent squares up to you. His friend comes in beside you and smashes you in the back of the legs with a stool. Had you been using your peripheral vision, instead of looking into his eyes, you would have spotted it.

See how easy it is to tell meaningless stories that apparently support your position but prove nothing?

if you find a competent guy, he will beat you half dead and will turn your face into a mask of blood
All I see is assumption after assumption. Suppose I am competent, and I beat him half dead? If you pit two men against each other, with all factors equal, then the chance of either of them winning is 50%. Suppose the person intervening bigger, stronger, faster, experienced, and well-trained. Why then does this criminal still have a magical edge over him?

People have died on rings, my friend.
Did you know that the mortality rate for boxing is lower than for horse racing? Robert Cantu, 1995, Boxing and Medicine. So I'd better not mess with any jockeys, right? Whatever people do, people die doing it. Proves nothing.

You have experience with boxing. Fair enough. You believe this qualifies you to talk about fighting outside of boxing. It does not. Boxing is a sport. It is as far removed from actual fighting as any other sport. I have seen boxers try to box in a fight and get hammered. They either failed to realise the constraints of the sport were no longer there, or did realise it but did not adapt. So when someone did something that had no equivalent in boxing, they were left without the ability to respond.

No later than a few days ago we had in this forum a recount of a person who nearly killed someone in a street fight! With one punch,
Exactly, and it was a man defending himself who did this. Most strange, when you accord the attacker in such a situation the overwhelming favourite to win. He did the right thing, defended himself, and his attacker was seriously hurt.

My friends, don't go in any street fight, don't help damsels in alleged distress because you feel chivalrous. It's a dangerous business.
It's not about chivalry. It's about doing the right thing. Morals, principles. If I was a Christian I could point to the Good Samaritan. But that's unfashionable. Better, in fact, to disregard whatever happens to any of your fellow human beings. Never, ever, try to help them. No matter how safe it appears, it is not.

Make as many posts as you want, with as many words as you want, with as many of those words bolded as you want, it does not endow you with knowledge or authority about this subject. You have no proof to back up any of your assertions.
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