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Re: Fighting does not work at all in Aikido.

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Easily faced, though not always easily surmounted (in my experence at least). I agree it helps dramatically to be unfettered by fear and uncertainty, but another side of that is the usefulness for familiarity with the Fight, which is where concepts like competition (not "point-scoring") come in. I used to describe the absolute weakness of competitive mindsets until I began to see a distinction between winning for winning's sake, and winning/losing as a natural consequence of testing learning.
Interesting. I don't disagree per se with the above for it's all a matter of levels of. Hence I can understand how competition can aid on the path. Thus Tomiki view for example. However, that is on the path of learning Aikido, Ueshiba pointed to what the end result is. To keep that in mind for me is the duty of Aikidoka. no substitutes.

This does not mean testing yourself is wrong, in fact quite the opposite. But it also means the aim is real and achievable and known.

Some might call it imagination but inside they know it's not.

There are such things as 'five states of mind' within Aikido, such things as Hara, such things as Universal love, such things as Masakatsu and agatsu, all to be achieved within that framework. To be at one with the universe, quite a heady concept given as part of Aikido. Aims that represent Aikido.

We can say we have different degrees of reality on them and thus different degrees of reality on the vast subject that is Aikido but we know that of itself there is no fighting in it. Ultimately.

As the zen master said to grasshopper: 'There is enlightenment at the beginning of the path and enlightenment at the end but meanwhile there is doubt and a road to travel'

As usual, such is my view...

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