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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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It's ot but here in Germany it is said, that Seagal sensei wouldn't practice and teach anymore? Sounds like that wouldn't be true?
From what i know it isn't true. There are some (not many) resent videos of him teaching on utube, although without traditional gi and hakama in some cases. In the second season of Steven Seagal:Lawman, there is a video of him teaching kumi-tachi wearing a full black gi and hakama and also practicing tameshi-giri with a katana. And there are also the videos of him teaching a couple of u.f.c athletes which i find a little bit outside the spirit of budo, but it is still an aikido teaching activity. He also teaches the police officers of Jefferson Parish, Luisiana and for some techniques he has one of his actual students serving as uke. I believe he considers aikido one of the most important aspects of his life, therefore i don't think he'll ever stop practicing. I really respect him very much as an aikido teacher and as a person (as far as i know about him).
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