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Erik Jögimar
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Re: Dojo Etiquette

In sweden the norm is hakama from third kyu, and white belt for
mudansha and black for yudansha's. Where i practice, ourreigi is pretty
lose. It's a fairly large group, though few practice
regularly so we are a small tight-knit group. When we line up
for bowing in, we sit in accordance to our offical grade as well
as we bow out at end of class.

As for how it works during seminars, i'm not entirely sure as
i've never been to one yet. Though i know from experience that
once i made it out of the beginners group in our dojo, people
dont really select Uke/Tori based on rank. It's really common
a blackbelt practices with sixth kyu and high in rank, but
we usually just start off carefully to see how uke takes the
ukemi and then build from there.

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