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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

To me aikido really isn’t designed to deal with someone trying to take you to the ground. But what would I do? To answer the original question i have been of the opinion lately that you need to be able to implement technique in a static environment. Specifically as has been mentioned in this thread you are not likely to get a lead on a trained BJJ practitioner, or any other martial art practitioner for that matter. Techniques that are trained to control and throw in aikido have their origin in much more savage application (which you should know).

1.If you can't lead into a throw then use the technique to break. i know, not very sporting.

2. Take atemi seriously. I work out on a punching bag with the atemi I have been taught and I think it fits into aikido body movement better that boxing style of striking (obviously).
3. The guy is almost certainly going to get you to the ground. So either train in BJJ or get your friend to kick the guy in the head while you are rolling around on the ground. Not very sporting I know.

a questions for the BJJ people, would hard ground affect your takedown technique??

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