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Re: Regarding James Smith

Ron Tisdale wrote:
No, my statement is not hypocritical. I said that we can't pass judgement on the dojo, because they are a unit separate from this community. My judgement is for your behavior here. Your comments since coming back are indicative to me (at least) that the dojo made the correct decision. If you came back and said "that dojo and I disagree, and now I will train elsewhere", I couldn't really fault you. No one place is for every one. But you came back and continued to justify your bad behavior, and (relative to that dojo) to continue the bad behavior.

I myself have left dojo in the past. But no where online will you find me bad mouthing them. Or in person either.

They are a unit separate from Aikiweb. The problem is that they don't think so. They think that everyone who logs on here is thinking about their image. More precisely their web image. It doesn't sound like they think it's separate.

The dojo made the right decision. I already said what people should do who completely agree with them. Bad behavior? This is not an online dojo and it's not right to think so. It's just a web forum.

Did I not say that I'm glad I left and I'm better somewhere else. And people like this need to be talked about.

I'm curious about these dojo you left. Can it compare to this?
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