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John McBride
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A question for the experienced.

Good day,

Brand new member here.

I have a question that may seem to have an obvious answer if I were to ask outright, but there are some factors that need to be considered prior to the formulation of an answer. Because of that, I submit a brief synopsis of my situation, and the question is to follow.

Some 20+ years ago, I had trained and progressed through the ranks at a local dojo to a 1st kyu.
Life became more demanding and I ended up having to leave the mat. initially, leaving the mat was NOT by choice. A demanding first wife who viewed the spirituality of the practice of Budo/Aikido as paganism and antithetical to her "Christian" values, a "sin" if you will. Suffice to say I bowed to the pressure and began a very long sabbatical from my beloved Aikido. Not because I, in any way shared her beliefs, more that I just could not stand the proselytizing and brow was a very dark 14 year marriage.

Flash forward to present day, I am several years into a fabulously wonderful new marriage. life is still demanding and middle age is well upon me.
I have been recovering from a broken back suffered while skiing a couple of years ago. I am medically cleared to begin exercising and have shed nearly 50 pounds of recovery weight since last December. Body weight workout routines and mountain biking along with radically revised, plant based diet have helped there.

I finally feel as though I am ready to come back to the mat and begin training again. Cleared from my Doctor to even get tossed around by other students.

My question is this. I have found a small and traditionally run Dojo right near my house. I like the feel of the school, and want to train here.

I wonder, is it bad form not to relate my previous training? My thought is, back then I actually cared about rank and the climbing through the Kyu's with the Sandon always representing one of the brass rings.
Now, I much rather go to class, exhale the day, focus on my movement and more or less "enjoy the ride."

Is there disrespect in NOT revealing that I have trained before? I am not hiding anything. I would answer truthfully were I to be asked. But I wonder if there is a breech of protocol by not discussing my previous training upon beginning training at this new dojo.

Any guidance here would be most appreciated. i go to visit the school tonight to observe a class.

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