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Laura DeGraff
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Boy, Toyoda Sensei once again left us with fireworks!!

The memorial service held at Ryoshinkan Dojo in Palatine, Illinois, on July 4th was a tearful and joyous event. Over 80 people gathered to honor our Founder, Fumio Toyoda Shihan with a memorial service led by Shaku Joseph Jarman, one of Toyoda Sensei's long-time students, followed by some intense, albeit "watered-down" training led by our recently appointed AAA Chief Instructor, Andrew Sato Sensei.

One comment regarding the use of the Toyoda name and family crest in regards to the trademarking issue:
Actually the name and crest can be trademarked by the AAA for use in their organization. A trademark is based upon not simply a name or design, but how that name or design is used in conjunction with specific goods and services offered by the owner. Since the Toyoda name and crest have been used for years as identifiers for the AAA in conjunction with martial arts education, they are valid representations of the organization. Generally, being able to prove usage over a lengthy period of time is enough to constitute ownership of a design or name. The Toyoda name and crest have for years been identifiers of the AAA and for that reason it is inappropriate for a non-affiliated organization to use them in their marketing.
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