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Mongo wrote:

I'm not going to get into a quote war with you. I understand English is not your native language so, in case you truly do not understand my comment about the glass house, I'll try to break it down for you. Stay with me here.

Shadow has humor.
DiNalt has humor.
Shadow expresses humor.
DiNalt throws rocks at shadows humor although DiNalt has same humor he throws rocks at.

Thus the term glass house and throwing rocks...... please let me know if you still need assistance understanding this.....

Dan P. - Mongo
Dear Dan,

I am perfectly aware of the "Don't throw rocks if you're living in a glass house" proverb.

However, the fact whether my sense of humor is the same as shadow's , is a matter of opinion.

In your opinion, it is, and I'm throwing rocks while living in a glass house.

In my opinion, our "jokes" were sufficiently different, and I'm not living in a glass house, plus I still think the original post was stupid.

This is my opinion which I'm entitled to express, especially considering that the poster's intent was to get feedback.

Which I gave to him.

If you need any assistance understanding that... well... go ask someone else.

I give up.
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