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Re: a teaching mistake

I avoid teaching what I don't understand. This means that I don't demonstrate techniques with which I am unfamiliar in front of my class. What would be the point - except to show that I am out of my depth? If I cannot move uke through the technique as I wish, then I don't understand the technique well enough to attempt to teach it to others.

Occasionally, I will flub a familiar technique when I'm demonstrating to my class. I'm usually distracted by something, or tired, and don't focus properly on what I'm doing. In any case, when I do screw up the performance of a technique I simply smile and say, "That's how not to do the technique!" or "I must keep practicing, too!" Mistakes are common in training - even necessary. Consequently, I don't want to create an atmosphere in training, by reacting strongly to my own mistakes, where the prospect of making a mistake is feared by my students and becomes inhibiting to them.

And on a side note: Merry Christmas to all!

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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