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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

I don't know that this is exactly correct. Takeda lived with Ueshiba for six months, and among other things, may have taught him spear. I speculated on this in an article on AJ, and recently found some corroborating evidence. Tokimune recalls observing practice as a little boy during this time and seeing Takeda knock Ueshiba off his feet - spear against Ueshiba's juken. Rather than drama (other than the normal that Takeda brought with him), this was one of the most concentrated periods of training that Takeda ever offered anyone - six or more months, uninterrupted. If you read the bio of TAkeda, he, at various times, had one or another young man as his "star." For a long period of time, it was Ueshiba, and his staying at Ayabe was a mark of this. And just because the teacher "loved" the student didn't mean he'd be nice or praise him. In fact, Tokimune said that his father criticized Ueshiba more than anyone except him - and clearly explained that this was a mark of affection. Harshness by a teacher is a mark of the standards the teacher hopes the student will attain. (I had one teacher, very drunk, once say to me. "Ellis, I intend to give you everything I know. I shouldn't say this, but what the hell - I'm drunk. I am going to trash everything you do from now on. I am going to treat you to hell. I'm only telling you this because a Japanese guy would understand, but you are a foreigner and would probably think I only hated you." - --- and this doesn't necessarily mean that a) such behavior is not open to abuse b) a student might find it intolerable anyway). Anyway, I think people often misunderstand the reports of Takeda's harshness - he clearly cared deeply for Ueshiba, even sending others to check on his well-being in the mid-1930's when the 2nd Omotokyo Incident happened.
Anyway, apparently, it was Deguchi who suggested the name Aikiijutsu, not Ueshiba. And it certainly wasn't that Takeda saw that Ueshiba had created something new that he jumped on the band-wagon with. It was just that Deguchi came up with a name that Takeda thought reflected what he (Takeda) was doing.


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