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Re: pre-emptive strikes

Jon Reading wrote:
When does pre-emption begin? If I choose to "pre-emptively" strike someone, does pre-emption only include physical activity? What If my opponent has decided to strike me, but has not found the opportunity to physically execute that decision? Is it fair to restrict the scope of aikido to reaction to physical activity?

If my opponent decides to harm me, isn't that the same as the physical execution of harm? "The opponent that stands before me with malice in his/her heart is already defeated."
All I learned about aikido is that the goal is, to feel the "vibrations" before anything happens physically.

So simply said, if you know, that the attack has started, you have to act, atemi or other technique. In jurisdiction you have to prove, in aikido you have to know, but it is not enough, just to believe an aggression would come.

And it is not enough to tell others, that you have proof about prepared evil aggression until finally you believe it yourself. But that is another thread.

One can argue, in this case pre-emtive strikes are allowed, when the intension is there, or what is allowed is not a pre-emptive strike as the attack was already alive - even if not visible. To me it is all the same.

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