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Re: Baseline skillset

Jim Sorrentino wrote: View Post
To Jeremy H. and Mark M:

You seem to be implying that Dan's exercises are very similar to the Aunkai exercises. That is fine as far as it goes --- but how do they differ?

To Dan:Is it correct to assume that your last statement also means that power with a weapon is acquired faster through solo training that is not based on paired kata practice, than through a kata-based practice, such as TSKSR? If that is what you mean, have you subjected this approach to peer review --- perhaps by senior people in TSKSR? If so, what were their conclusions?


I never meant to imply that I met Dan. I hope to at some point.. My best guess from reading Dan's written stuff is that it's close but not the same.

In terms of generating power. If you know how to move with a weapon then from my limited experience, two hours with Ark in Tokyo and four with Rob here and practicing the Aunkai stuff as best as can remember. I am generating considerably more power with less effort than I was six months ago.


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