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Re: The same basic teaching

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I know the feeling. the way; I stumbled into the 'picking up the knife' post.
The things I mentioned in that posts are known extensions of ki/qi, not stuff that I've made up on my own in some sort of "here's my take on things" approach to these skills. So the people who are working on their own theories simply need to figure out how there's a line from what they're teaching to the things I mentioned.

And BTW.... that's a common scenario even in China: guy comes up with his own theory and people say, "So how does that work with what are known adjuncts of ki/qi". It's been my experience that when I ask that question I tend to get either a tapdance or someone goes silent in their posting until it's safe to come out again. Which is no big deal, as far as I'm concerned, but people need to constantly think and question while these things are getting started. There's an old saying that a lot of westerners don't really take to heart: "These things are very deep". I.e., a guy who gets a few basic skills and thinks he knows everything is simply dooming himself later down the road as students, etc., begin to learn the broader picture. Hence, I keep suggesting that people need to not rush into the "I've got a secret" scenario too quickly.... what they don't know is going to be obvious in just a few years as things progress. Talk things out.


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