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Usagi Yojimbo
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I do Aikido because, yeah, it is fun. I get to train with my friends, in a small class, so I pretty much know most everyone in their. Our instructor is good, works at SEGA so we can talk about a lot of crap, other then just how to break and arm ;-) And I love Feudal Japan, I'm practically obsessed with it. I know, I know, Gaijin. But I want to be a samurai, that's just a passing fancy to spend day dreaming on in my mind though. And there's nothing quite like swinging a bokken around! MUA HA HA!! I tell you, no other sword will get the same recognition as a Katana, even if people don't know what they're really called... *frustrated muttering about "samurai swords"*

My head hurts...
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