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Nick Simpson
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Yep Dean, I think what you say is spot on, all of the above are factors but the main one is fun. I often wonder why I practice aikido and it always comes down to the fact that I love it, its fun and the people I train with are my best friends. I suppose I started aikido because I was always interested in japanese history, particularly samurai history and apart from iaido, aikido is the most "samurai art". Reading angry white pyjama's was also inspiring, I must have been one of the mad people who was attracted to all the blood, sweat and breakages

Thats why I started, but the reason I keep going is: FUN.

Friday nights arent the same unless ive had my ass kicked.

What else is there to do on a saturday? Go shopping? Eurgh, Id rather get beat up.

Monday nights? School night? Early to bed? No sir, its flying time for me.

Plus I have the strangest idea that if I ever stop, all the aches an pains will catch up and overwhelm me...

They're all screaming about the rock n roll, but I would say that it's getting old. - REFUSED.
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