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Mike Patterson
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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

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Mr. Patterson,

Please pardon me for interjecting in this conversation. Chris, is an internet friend, who has shown me a bit of kindness. As such, out of a bit of loyality, I am coming to his defense.

First, I have seen your tapes. You are very good in your form and application. At least, that is my opinion. I make this opinion as someone who has studied for over 45 years.

Second, I'm sure Chris probably worked out at your studio once or twice. And I think, he is somewhat playing tribute to your abilities as a teacher. Certainly, over my past 45 years, in the martial arts I have also had many people who claim to know me or to have studied with me.

Unfortunately, I can't recount many of them. I think it is a matter of old age. At any rate, my belief, is that the adept's abilities speak for themselves. It really doesn't matter who attaches themselves to us. Our reputation is not tarnished.

Certainly, any of us who says we haven't exaggerated is bit, or "white-lied" is either a saint or an even bigger liar. Again, you skill speaks for itself, in physicality, intellect and spirituality.

I'm sure Chris wishes you the best and still admires "whatever" skills he came away with in his limited association with you.

Best wishes,
Joseph T. Oliva Arriola

I thank you for the kind words regarding my respective skills.

And I agree with you, and have already conceded, that there have been countless students under my tutelage in all these decades (I was teaching in San Diego for 25 years) and if Mr. Parkerson had left it at that, we would not be here now. But he did not. Instead, he chose to attach perspectives, methods and teaching parameters to me that are not my own. This is where the difference lies.

The study of, and teaching of, Internal Martial Arts is my chosen life path. I look at these arts from a very realistic perspective and this is what I am known for in the martial community. When a man decides to publicly proclaim something about my teaching methods that is completely askew, I have no choice but to address the statements made lest they be entered into public record as "this is what Mike Patterson teaches" and henceforth damage my reputation and credibility.

A long term student of mine read what was said about me, alerted me to this thread, and now here we are. Hopefully, we are now through.
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