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Mike Patterson
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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

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Mike, again, I am sorry you got drug into this thing. Someone is calling me a liar and it just ain't the case. But neither do I want to get bullied here.

The guy that introduced us was a Shorin Ryu Matsumora Orthodox student who spent time with Hung I Shiang in Taiwan. A second student who attended less frequently was a guy who had trained in Taiwan who was, I believe, a local policeman. The third student was your girlfriend. We trained in your garage. Your father was there and he issued me the test. Lakeside, next to La Mesa. Garage attached to the house. Enter the foyet and turn left.

In the second year, classes moved to the racquetball court. I eventually had to move to New Jersey.

I have had many teachers and indeed I was training with 3-4 during our time together. You guided me through iron palm. You told me about how Nei Gung was to be performed. I did it on my own- the follows of youth.

Absolutely amazing how a person can keep telling me about my own life and events within it, be completely wrong, yet continue to say that my life lived is incorrect and his version is true. The mind boggles.
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