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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post

I am sorry you were offended if I misrepresented you or your teachings in any way. I spoke from memory from about 33 years ago.

I began training with you and your father when I was a green belt in Kenpp under Parker Linekin. After a few months of 2 times a week in your garage in La Mesa, the two of you came out to Ocean Beach to visit our Kenpo class.

By the end of the first year your father tested me on several forms and issued me a green belt. My second year, I came less often as life got in the way

I am sure you would remember me if you saw an old photo. Look at My Space under my martial arts pix. I have an old one there.

I have by now taught thousands of students. If you were around a brief time, I would not necessarily remember you.

But you speak of things in a manner that appears more to be a pieced together story from things heard third party rather than an account of actual memory. So I have severe doubts.

For example, my school was eventually located in La Mesa... but the garage phase took place in LAKESIDE!

You stated in your previous post that you and a few others were trained in said garage prior to the Raquetball business we owned in Chula Vista, but that is impossible. My father did not return to the U.S. until just before that business opened and there WAS NO TEACHING going on prior.

I personally did not arrive in California until I was in my early 20's... and again, for the record, I did ALL the teaching in the U.S. My father has never taught in this country, only abroad.

Now, you are entitled to your own perspectives, whatever they may be but kindly leave me, and my father, out of them. If you did study with me at one time, you did not pay attention while there.

You can keep stating that you were once associated with me if you desire. I can't stop you from doing that. But I can say you are incorrect... Incorrect about our teachings, incorrect about dates, times, incidents and details, etc. And I will just leave it at that.
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