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Re: aikido and competition

No lost is a correct word I think. They fought under some rules which determine winning and losing. And so he lost.

No I'm not trying to especially be contemptunous. That takes a lot of courage to fight in MMA and he definately has it.

I didn't want to check the fights and I trusted my memory on the fights. I was wrong - somehow remembered that in UFC2 it was some other Gracie than Royce... didn't give enough thought to the fact that Royce was the only Gracie who competed in beginning of UFC's.

JUST... there is this guy... who has lost three times with one scenario to one person. He has tried different tactics each time but none of it mattered. Takes a lot off willpower to go there again... especially claiming to go against Genki Sudo and such who are all very good OVERALL fighters... not like Royce Gracie who is a BJJ man and even not one of the best. (that's been said enough that he has a very good spirit but BJJ on a strong blue-average purple level).

Aikido is all about COMMITED attacks. Noone who knows something about fighting doesn't give attacks with such commitment that Aikido (I'm talking about "normal" person level... let's leave all the old mystery men above 6th dan out) could deal with it.

BUT I must say I'm waiting with exitment the day that someone goes into the ring claiming that he does Aikido. And if he succeeds then my highest respects go out to him. Yet... that day is yet to come.
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