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Chris Birke
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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen, I think that very thing is evidence that the ways and attitude of training in those "traditional" arts have been abandoned and distorted in modern times.

I refuse to believe that anyone was that inept and illogcal in their execution in the past; they would have died off too quickly. I think, with the peace to train without ever having to proove yourself that modernity has brought, traditional arts have quickly rotted into little more than dance. I should think their origional masters would be ashamed by what is now being passed off as an expert.

But, all is not lost. I think a current Judo master would be quite appriciated by the past JuiJitsu masters. I think the past masters would be far more inclined towards the average "modern" Judo student than the average student of what is taught as "Traditional Jujitsu" (no offense meant to those who train at good JJ schools, you should be more aware than I of the many bad schools out there claiming the name JJ).

This is no critique of the arts as a whole, though, just martial effectiveness. The fight is not everything.
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