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Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I have constantly struggled with humility throughout the years I have been a martial artist. It comes and goes. Like last night when I was at the gym watching some TKD guys trying to do self defense stuff. I really wanted to get in there and show them how to do it right!! It was painful to watch!

However, having been KO'd at least once by an axe kick....I certainly was humbled that day!
i understand that kevin, last time being both TKD and aikido student for a while sometimes sparks my alter ego to be or look different. Especially on that self defense stuff, i really really eager last time to show one or two good nikyo to the class compared to what has been teached by my TKD teacher. But as the time goes i left it that way unless someone asked me.
Michael Neal wrote:
Actually, I think competition can make you more humble than non-competition. There is something about getting your butt kicked on occasion that shatters any illusions you may have about you own martial ability. Competition is not for everyone but it certainly is a useful tool in keeping you on earth.
fret not, maybe it'll humble you on the ring,but once you get out and back to the dojo you'll start thinking why have i beaten by that guy? how can i improve my technique to beat that guy? what's my strategy next time i meet that guy? etc etc. your principle will be limited to "how can i beat you" not "how can i make friend with you". aikido principle, i believe, will go for the latter. But sometimes the human alter ego itself clouded this principle.
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