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Dennis Hooker wrote:
I have met per capita more big mouthed, self delusional, blowharded, self back-slapping, egotistical and maniacal jerks in Aikido than any other art. I suppose at one time I was right in there among them. Shit, I hope I have moved on!!!
Hooker Sensei,

You were the instructor at the first Aikido seminar I ever attended. It was about three years ago at the FSU Aikido Club. I got nothing but good vibes from you so, if you were once arrogant, you definitely have moved on!

I have met some "bigmouthed...egotistical...jerks" in Aikido too, but I find it interesting that you've found more of them in Aikido than the other martial arts. One thing I remember you saying at the seminar was that some people think "I know AIkido so I'm invincible!" I agreed with you that that is a poisonous thought.

I read somewhere that Aikido is the most sophisticated and difficult of the martial arts, which could give aikidoka big egos. Due to an illness, I haven't trained in many months. When I was training, I had a greater feeling of self-worth, even pride, but I always tried to keep my feet down on the ground. When I was the highest ranking student at class one day, and Sensei was sick, I taught class. That's when I felt ego really creeping up and I really had to keep myself in check. Thank you, Hooker Sensei, for having humble pride.

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