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paul watt (paw) wrote:
Not in my experience, YMMV.


Damn it man, you can't just come out and *say* it like that!


If you were an asshole before training, chances are you'll be an asshole during and after training. YMMV.


If you have two brain cells to rub together, it's pretty obvious that training in the arts can be a great means by which to confront your own issues. (assuming you're ready for that)

And that doesn't necassarily mean namby pampy, wish washy navel gazing either.

From rec.martial.arts


I know.

I was making a little funny, but with a point.

First off on the joke level... one someone asks for "spiritual and mental

training" for a woman.... the idea of suggesting MMA is kinda silly, aint it? But as with all brilliant posts, it works on 2 levels.

The other level is.... in kung fu taichi schools you get psuedomystical

gobbleygook dressed up as zen philosphy.

In MMA schools you sweat, bleed, and in the end become a better person.

You triumph over fear, over your own self


You ultimatly develop control over oneself.

Mayhap it could lead to some measure of enlightenment.

Gi the learned


Again YMMV.

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