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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

Jorge Garcia wrote:
I would say though, that if you move, you need to stay there and not change your mind again. That should be a caution to you because if you want to leave again, then it's you and not the dojo.
Hi Jorge,

Just wanted to clarify this: If you change and develop and need to train in a different way or under a different system (eg switching from Aikikai to Yoshinkan or vice versa) then yes, it is you and not the dojo, but why should this be taken as a caution?

I would say that it shows a healthy understanding of one's own development, and the commitment to do something positive about it

And if this happens to somebody more than once in their Aikido lifetime, then that's their path, and who are we to disagree with it?

Just MHO,

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