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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

Recently I have been feeling that my progress in aikido is being limited to some extent by those whom I am training with as well as my instructor. So, here are numerous questions:

What if I have decided that I like a different sensei's aikido better; i.e., I want my aikido to be more like his, should I leave my dojo?

What about not liking the aikido that the other students in my dojo are doing; is that a reason to leave?

What about loyalty issues, in that we are talking about changing sensei within the same organization so we are liable to run into each other again?

I believe that a lot of my aikido is self-motivated by what I want to work on, but some things I can't learn on my own, like paired weapons.

Well, I am just a little frustrated. Sometimes I feel as if I could have progressed farther in my aikido if I was training with more talented sempai and/or sensei. Any thoughts?
If I were in that position, I'd talk to the potential new sensei and share my feelings about my current training. I'd ask his opinion and advice, especially if they are in the same organization.

Is the "new" sensei of higher rank with more experience? That would make leaving easier.

I would want to discuss my thoughts with my current sensei. It's possible he might be holding back on me, not realizing I was ready for the next level.

My concern would be that I was truly stagnant in my progression due to teachers, as opposed to just having hit a plateau - which does happen, even when _I_ want to be progressing more, my body/mind/spirit gets stuck.

If your being truthful with yourself and your senseis, things will work out.

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