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Re: A couple of short Chiba Sensei stories...

those are great, I'll have to ask him about the egg thing.

I've heard many stories but this one always comes up, he was once on a fishing boat (he loves to fish) and I guess there were several thug types aboard, I was told that there were words and one guy attacted him with a knife to his midsection, he did a downward cross arm block into ikkyo and broke his arm.

another funny one was one night several students and he were at a local pub and there were a few large tough guys there talking lound and such, one of them was walking through the crowd and bumped into Chiba, looked at him like "oh yeah", well I was told that Chiba just frowned at the guy and grunted and the guy quickly turned and walked away, I wish I could have been there for that one.

anybody else have any stories?

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