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I believe that there are not "Chinese concepts and Japanese concepts" when it comes to the body method itself; rather, there are cultural differences in the ways they are described. For most, if not all, of them, they came to Japan via China, with Chinese terms for them. The Japanese did their best to come up with equivalent vocabulary, as well as a cultural context they could relate to (as in the the metaphor of the Kojiki for the concept of In/Yo (Yin/Yang).
Sorry, I may have been a little muddy... To clarify, yes, I think ultimately both are taking about the same thing. Culturally, both the Japanese and Chinese are using their own ways of describing and conceptualizing a "thing". I think as proponents of each culture continue to work with each other to consolidate a common description of the "thing", we will be the beneficiaries of more clear instruction.

As any good Chinese action movie will clearly demonstrate, the Japanese are nothing but occupying oppressors robbing the Chinese of their culture, Fist of Legend. Sorry, couldn't resist more inappropriate humor.

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