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Re: Ichi no ken ?

Peter Gröndahl wrote: View Post
When I read aikiken, I think of the sets of solo and paired excercises put together by Saito sensei.
Yes. That is how I understand it.

Jakob Blomquist wrote: View Post
... NEITHER are formally connected with the ryu. [
Inaba was official student of Kunii Zen'ya. He got a formally permission to teach Kashima shin ryu (and using the name of the ryu) at Meiji jingu from the widdow of Kunii.
This is not in question as far as I know.

Question is, what exactly he was allowed to teach.
Whether he was allowed to teach the art elsewhere.
Whether his students could call what they do and now teach KSR.

At last question is also whether the widdow of Kunii had the rigth to give this permission.

Does it have any historical connections with aikido and aikiken of Ueshiba Morehei? NOPE!
Yes. Thats right.

With that in mind it's good to remember that Inaba's (and Tissier's) Kashima Shinryu derived sword work has been heavily influenced by his long time practice in aikido and is probably consistent with aikido principles in a way that the actual Kashima Shinryu (or Kashima shinto ryu) is not!
This is how the KSR sees it.

We - on the other side - think that the swordwork derived from the Kashima shin ryu has influenced the aikido we do. And not the other way round.

Well, the Japanese ways of swordwork where always present around O Sensei and aiki budo / aikido: He himself had learned some, there was the Katori shinto ryo (Sugino), Kendo (Nakakura), Kashima shinto ryu, taught in the kobukan. Kashima shin ryu some years later, Yagyu ryu (Yamaguchi) and so on.

Endo sensei as far as I remember once said: When O sensei talked about the relations of aikido to the ken, which form of ken did he mean then? ...
(Isn't the aiki ken we know today (> Saito sensei) a follower of aikido, not a predessecor?)

So there always where influences. And are today ...
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