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Allen Beebe
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hi Allen,

I found an interesting bit of info from the link you provided later.

I wonder if Ueshiba had already made the decision to turn aside from the war before it started going badly for Japan? It will be interesting to read the next installment that takes us up to the war years.

Just for clarity's sake, by the extreme example of interpretation events I hoped to indicate that one could assert any number of reasons and/or motivations for Ueshiba's move to Iwama. I could only guess, if forced, based upon the preponderance of evidence, and even then recognize that it is still just a guess.

Certainly one should pay attention for the reasons that Ueshiba gave, preferably at the time, and then again later, but I would still pay close attention to the context and audience that he was addressing.


~ Allen Beebe
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