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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7

Ellis, Fred,

Many thanks for your feedback.

Actually, I planned to include an examination of Nadolski's thesis in this column, but the resulting length would have tested the attention-span of even the most devoted Aikiweb participants. So it will be in TIE 8, which is almost finished. It was Nadolski who provides all the evidence for Omoto links with ultranationalist groups and thus backed up Stan Pranin's researches.

Actually, the Nadolski thesis raises interesting issues about research on Japanese issues in the US at the time he wrote it (1975). His supervisor was a person named Hilary Conroy, but there appear to be some important gaps.

Ellis, I know about Okawa. Actually the memoirs of Kingoro Hashimoto mention Okawa and Ueshiba in the very same paragraph. Nadolski does not give him the same importance that he attaches to Toyama and Uchida, but this might be a matter of the sources to which Nadolski had access.

We can discuss these issues further when TIE 8 comes out in July.


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