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Talking Re: We need dojo help

Jerome Cervantes wrote:
nice post, jamey!!!

great example!

are those mats ready?!?!?!!?!? hahahahahahahahahaha

c u on d mat
I had a hunch someone I knew would see the post. I haven't heard anything from the original poster to this thread. As I reread my post, I hope I didn't come across as too "preachy".


No, those %@!# darned mats aren't finished. I need to win the lottery, so I could just buy a set. Did you hear that the athletic center is putting in a 3/4" puzzle mat flooring?

It's hard stuff that will make for a fast floor. There is some concern that it might be too hard. I'm hoping it will be a step up from the carpet we use to roll on. That would at least buy us some time.
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