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Confused We need dojo help

OK, this is a long story, so I'll bullet list it here. I'm doing this to partially get people's advice, and to partially organize my thoughts on the subject. Here goes;

- Started training over 10 years ago under sensei A
- Sensei A was a very good teacher
- Sensei A was not good at marketing dojo, thus we moved a lot
- Sensei A stopped teaching and moved
- We bacame a satelite dojo for sensei B
- Sensei B also great teacher (one of the best actually), very highly ranked, nice guy
- Sensei B also not good at business side of things
- Sensei B travels a lot to earn enough through seminars
- Because of seminar schedule, dojo (main and satelite) sufers from poor attendance and usually barely squeaks by on the bills
- I took a job closer to main dojo because Sensei B is there more (at satelite once a week)
- Head students at dojo (mostly case with satelite, but a little at main) don't want to be involved in business, so nothing gets done to promote or build programs
- Yesterday satelite dojo closed because gym we rented closed
- We now have no money, no leads, and very little leadership

* To have Sensei B around more to gain more training
* To be able to promote dojo(s) properly in order to sustain both the dojo, and Sensei B

Any ideas? Aware of any grants? Approaches?
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