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You beat me to the punch line

Russ wrote:"Full speed" randori with joint locks...? Forgive my lack of experience but aren't they mutually exclusive. Are you saying that you would attempt ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, (or any specific technique for that matter)on the first of four guys coming at you at full speed? I've never tried but it seems that as soon as I successfully lock up one attacker I'd be dead 'cause the other three are no longer coming at me full speed, they're there taking me down full force.

I've always been taught that randori is practice in principles not techniques. Mainly irimi and tenkan (blending). Whether you irimi/tenkan with nothing or with an atemi is where the choice lies.

I was writing the same thing but you beat me to it. It seems like every time in my non full-speed randori that I try to do a technique I get burned. Now if a technique shows up, that's a different matter.

I don't think that in combat pure anything shows up. I do mostly free form practice and when I find someone to really play with what I find happening are hybrids. The point being that when I happen to stumble across a technique it's not in a practiced form. It's some weird convolution of stuff that has some joint action or something in it.

But I will concur with him that when doing technique with adrenaline and a resistant partner you can expect someone to get hurt.
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