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Re: practice every day, Otherwise you are wasting

Willi Brix wrote: View Post
Why so niggardly? Lets go for 100 times a week. Everything else is a waste!

I drink to the fanatics
There is nothing fanatic in every day practice. It is simply most efficient way of using free time. There are times in the life you can do it(as it is a case of topic owner) then other time, when you have big family, busy work, getting health problems - so can't do it so easy.

From other point of view, such intense practice will help you figure out how to practice when you are out of dojo - no books, youtube or advices other ppl can do it.

Also, aikido training should lead to transformation. One indeed needs a 'critical mass' as a starting point. Otherwise he will always scratching the surface.And achieving this 'critical mass' is possible only by such every day training.

And may be most important - every day training means Commitment. Without such Commitment training has no value.

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