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Jay Vigilla
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Sean, excellent point. I had forgotten that the names do vary. I guess that really complicates assisting with the naming via the internet, not to mention not being able to see the techniques claerly by our typed descriptions, but it is great to know that there are people out there that love to try.

Also a good point about the kokyunage. The distinction I had learned from my sensei (not saying any one definition is any better, but this is what has kept me from wondering) is that if you do a type of joint lock as you would in tenben, then it is not a kokyu.

Christian, for me I had learned that nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, and gokyu are all there as long as you can get to ikkyo. The hardest part I have found in learning yonkyo is consistantly locating the nerve. But that is the fun of training with different people each time, isn't it? You always find something new and always feel something different about the training.
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