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Re: Spiritual

Hi Graham,

I just found a very good statement somewhere on the internet. Have to cite it here:

... he (Ueshiba Morihei) was a very practical thinker and that he gave very practical advice to those who understood.
The word "practical" is important.

And when I said I'm concerned about getting the historical facts correct I had this in my mind:
I simply don't see any connection between what you might want to say and what he (Ueshiba Morihei) is supposed to have been saying.
This I think to be very important - for everyone of us:
To not confuse and mix up our thoughts and our understanding of what spirituality is with what Ueshiba thought and understood.
To trace back, to reconstruct his way of thinking - not only regarding spirituality - is really hard work and has to be done precisely.

Having an Ueshiba we understand and who is like us and affirms our points of view is only a superficial benefit. It will not help us in any way.
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