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Re: Fighting

[quote]George S. Ledyard wrote:
I would recommend that you seek out a good Jeet Kun Do school if you are interested in fighting. Aikido does not have what you are looking for. After you have spent many years learning how to fight and are good and beat up and very tough, come back and you might find something in Aikido worth looking at.
Good answer.

I have seen two high ranking Aikido practitioners in the early UFC videos. The Aikido practitioners were slaughtered even though in both instances the Aikido practitioners had the weight advantage.
No, you did not see two high ranking Aikido practitioners in the UFC. The folks you saw were just mid level students of the art. To my knowledge, none of the senior teachers of Aikido has participated in this type of contest nor are they likely to.
If there was ever Anyone in the UFC who Actually studied any Aikido, I never saw them. And I was into that whole scene.

Let me say this about Aikido and BJJ etc. If there is anyone who thinks they can take on good BJJ stylist and has not had any experience on the ground, they are dreaming. They won't be able to do much if anything, certainly not eye gouge or strike. Believe me. That said, Aikido is a very, very different approach to conflict than any other art. At the technical level, it's a very good way of dealing with someone trying to go to the clinch or get a double-leg takedown etc. But it's way more than that.

I teach some of my guys how to deal with kickboxers, grapplers etc. when they ask (they train in all sorts of other stuff.) I don't teach them how to square off with other fighters and best them, I teach them how to look at the whole thing differently, and not buy into the fight itself. It's a whole different atory. (And yes, at the technical level they do get very good results.)

But Aikido is way beyond that too. That's just a particular application. It's a whole different ball game.

Larry Novick
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