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Ki Symbol Aikido In UFC

First of all, I have to say that Aikidoists have no place in a UFC, that's the whole idea of Aikido. But there is much practical knowledge to be gained in Aikido, that is more than useful on the street. First being able to judge one's Ki, and knowing whether they pose a threat. I believe that any Aikidoist who has been paying attention to the entire training of Aikido, and not just the movements, should be someone who is very hard to suprise in a street. Especially if they've become acustomed to 'keeping their head on a swivell' as my boss used to say. Secondly, being in tune with your opponents Ki, once a confrontation is unavoidable, is the best way to keep yourself from getting hurt, if you move when they move and are simply not there when the strike or attack lands, you suddenly have an advantage. HAving my base in Karate, and not Aikido, I would probably revert back to it in a real fight. But, I feel the teaching of being one with your opponent, and feeling his Ki is invaluable, and would likely not have ever been able to survive a fight without it. I have yet to come across a martial art that puts so much emphasis on this philosophy, and whether I am using Aikdio techniquees, or Karate, these will help me in all aspects of my life.

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