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Re: What makes a style?

Mats Alritzson wrote:

I'm not that good in English so I could've misinterpreted you. Are you saying Iwama Ryu is not a major style?
Iwama Ryu was not part of the initial point of the thread. The aikiwiki entry had been altered which confused someone. However, in trying to correct the mis-understanding I wrote.

If you read my post Iwama Ryu in its new independent form meets all the criteria. Even before the split its inclusion as a major style was an arguable point - I sure think it is.
As I understand things Saito M. remained part of the Aikikai. Now that his son has split from the Aikikai the ambiguity is removed. It is now a major style in its own right by the criteria I gave above. If you were to tell me that it was its own style before that - I would not argue the point. Perhaps a major sub-style would be the most accurate way of describing it but it really too fine a point to quible over.

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