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Re: What makes a style?

Not sure why it bothers anyone that there are individual dojo's or a group of dojo's that have a unique interpretation of Aikido. Does this mean that they are invalid because no one has heard of them? Do there have to be these long and extravagent lineage lines that I see people boast so much about? Didn't O'Sensei state that Aikido is for all mankind? I don't think that anyone's particular "style" should really matter as long as we have practioners who are staying true to the founder's ideals.

Methodology and application makes all Aikidoka's unique. Everyone interprets the movements a different way, and as such it is thier "Style". There are a number of people I ahve never heard of, but I do not think it would invalidate thier credibility or teaching ability just be because they are unknown.

My 2 cents, take it for what it is worth!!!
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