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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Evan Rogers wrote: View Post
i'm a little curious if anyone knows why o-sensei chose to omit some of the pain compliance aspects of aikijujutsu like finger locks and the such?
I'm no expert on Daito Ryu, but I don't believe that finger locks are a large part of that art, so they wouldn't really have been in his bag of tricks in the first place. In Bernie's case, these mostly came in from the Wally Jay small circle stuff.

This is a bit of thread drift, but since it applies to your question, OSensei was not the one who actually truncated down the techniques of Aikido from Daito Ryu. That mostly happened under the direction of the nidai doshu after the war (or under other influential Shihan like Saito Sensei, depending on your lineage). I think it's safest to say that OSensei changed the way he thought about and executed the techniques of Daito Ryu, then later his students attempted to codify those techniques into a cohesive syllabus. I don't expect that to be a universally accepted view of the progression of Aikido, but it's how I now see it. I know that I've been taught things by at least one uchideshi who was only exposed to OSensei very late in his life that are decidedly not part of the basic syllabus of the Aikikai but that he insisted were taught to him by OSensei (knuckle strikes to the backs of the hands, pinches, shimewaza). These are all things that most people would consider to be the kinds of things that were truncated in the formation of Aikido, that I feel there is evidence of him doing and teaching very very late in his lifetime.

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