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I guess I missed something...


I'm sorry, but I haven't the slightest idea what you are trying to say or what point you are trying to make.

You are right about the torrence thing... being a lesson by lesson drop money in the hat thing, I didn't ask questions, just came to train, not make friends or get into spitting contests. Besides, I referenced training to the video tape series I had for refererence and still have. Although Wally Jay is more effiecient, there aren't any schools who spend the entire class grappling, so going to Red Bank became cost inefficient even if it was gratifying.
You didn't want to get "into spitting contests" then post how you picked up a bjj black belt (most likely David Lentz who was probably a blue belt -- 2 years of experience, as he is only now a purple belt) and slammed him, prompting "new" rules. Sure looks like a spitting contest to me.

You can almost always add to your arsenal the outlawed techniques of a dojo, but assess the injury and destructive factors in relation to your local laws also?
You lost me. Could you try explaining your point again?

To end proof of what works ... UFC ... Ultimate Fighting Championship. Hexagon.
Um, it's Octagon, Bruce. If the question is "does the style matter" then the UFC clearly indicates the answer is "yes".

Yeah, there are actually pictures and personal accounts of Gracies visiting Wally Jay in California. Check with his guys at his website for details.
I think I will ask Royce about this.


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