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Re: Baseline skillset

Well Erick... perhaps you should take Frank Doran's advice....
Fank Doran wrote:
Look beyond technique and discover the principle that gives it life.
Because that is precisely what we're trying to do, amidst your interjections and tangential arguments...

Perhaps it maybe true that "technique might be the hammer that drives the principle into our consciousness. and without it (technique), the principle may have no way to express itself". But the time and place for that is on the mat. Yes, it (principle) may just be "an idea", but it is a idea that begs further exploration - off the mat. Which is what some of us are trying to do here, using the appropriate medium.

If you aren't interested in discussing the idea on its own merits, then perhaps you should take your hammer and go bang some nails... since it is quite obvious that you have NO IDEA what the principle is that we are talking about anyway....

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