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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Michelangelo famously said that sculpting a statue was very simple. You just take a chisel and remove everything that is not statue.

He did not wield a chisel differently than the lowest stonemason's apprentice. He simpy knew exactly what he was aiming for and had was able to consistently hit the mark.

The problem is not one of differential technique but of refinement of perception, sensitivity and precision.

And lots of busted rock and many marble chips later ...
I dunno Erick... the stonemason down the road has a pretty good replica of David standing in the paddock, which he carved out of sandstone using a mini-chainsaw....

Oh, the problem is not a difference in technique... or that one has a more refined technique, thru refinement of feel, perception, sensitivity and precision... that, merely is a result of constant refinement of practice.

So, essentially, what you're saying Erick, is just keep practising and one day you'll get to be like Michaelangelo? Hmmmm.... practising what?

You're still missing the point... the problem is learning how to wield the chisel and mallet correctly in the first place.

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