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Re: Baseline skillset

Eddie deGuzman wrote:
...So why then is it so surprising that one may respond to this in different ways as well? There are several things to consider in this situation.....these factors(and more) influence ....Why would one need spiraling hands, leaning, elbow fiddling, etc. when uke's center has already been penetrated?
Imagine for a moment that you're a complete noob... OR better yet, you need to explain this to a complete noob... would a simplistic basic exercise to get you (or them) to step 1 be helpful? Or would a semi-detailed consideration of the myriad factors involved be expected?

What does penetrate uke's center mean? I dunno... I'm a simple person... I like things simple... I rather have lots of little simple things than one big complex issue... if ya catch my drift...

FWIW... it doesn't make a difference how you are being grabbed... it works exactly the same way... This is the CORE of what we're trying to get at...

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