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Re: Baseline skillset

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
If I were to take a stab at it, it seemed that his fingertips came up under and inside the "sphere" of my grab; somehow this popped my elbows into the air, and then at that point I was so light that the slightest flick of his hands would knock me away. There were none of the large movements we normally see, eg, torso leaning forward, or elbows dropping to get underneath them my grab. There was no feeling of ordinary muscular strength in the forearms; i've done this long enough that i can tell whether tori is deriving power from his elbows, his shoulders, his biceps, etc. It was as if at the very moment of contact, he was already underneath my center--and that was all he needed. Don't know if this helps any.

Well, if this was a punch and not a grab, would there be only one response to make? Certainly not. So why then is it so surprising that one may respond to this in different ways as well? There are several things to consider in this situation. How did you grab his hands, pressure on top or below, pulling or pushing, where was your balance at the point you grabbed his hands, where was his balance, were you applying strength, etc.

And these factors(and more) influence where the connection is made, i.e. the top, bottom, sides of one's wrist. Now the better one gets at this, the less time and effort it will take to unbalance uke. And it would appear that nage does almost nothing when, in fact, he is just doing everything really, really well. Why would one need spiraling hands, leaning, elbow fiddling, etc. when uke's center has already been penetrated?

Just a few thoughts,
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