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Re: Discovering Aikido -- Book Online

Have a look at a self-publishing service that's well setup and easy to use (mostly). They don't care how many copies are printed and sold. I made a book for my Mom of an old out print text and bought only two copies.

The print, paper and binding quality was as good or better than most common paperbacks at the bookstore. I was and am very impressed. I did have some problems, not discovered until I received the finished product unfortunately, with discoloured background on the images separating chapters. A few more moments setting transparency properly would have fixed it I think. In any case it's a good idea to order a copy for yourself before telling all and sundry about it.

The major drawback for small volumes is shipping prices. You have to really want the title to pay $10 shipping for a $15 book. On the other hand they'll sell to bookstores too, no matter what their size, so if folks can find a local independent retailer to bring it in they might save a little.

There are other self-publishing houses which can net a lower per-unit cost, and thus potentially more profit to the author, but they generally involve a lot more work up front and the pricing structures aren't as transparent or flexible (Lulu let's the author set the price at whatever they like above a certain minimum). At least that was the case when I last looked into this four years ago. It may be different now.

Oh yeah, one more nice touch: if the author forgoes their percentage cut, Lulu will print and sell the book at cost.
They do ebooks too (ok, so that was two more things!).
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