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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

Hi Erik,

I can concede it is easier to do things like Irimi when you know the person is going to flop around for you, etc. That is very true. However, I was speaking more about what even comes before that. For lack of better words, I am referring to that moment in space/time when you "feel" your opponent is about to attack and so you move, because to wait more would have you reacting and thus moving too late. I'm referring to being sensitive - having a capacity toward being sensitive - to that space/time in person-to-person engagement where you start to blur (i.e. make meaningless) the line between initiating movement as nage and "inspiring" uke to attack. Regardless of whether Barrish is entering with a strike, entering to deviate laterally, or entering to turn, he is for the most part always commencing that given tactic within the pre-space/time of every move uke does - where the move is almost more thought in uke's mind than it is actual movement in his body. Now, uke can be coming in with a feather to tickle his nose or with the hottest stripper on his shoulders, but that isn't necessarily going to make it easier to be sensitive to this moment at which all aiki waza presumes sensitivity. Heck, I imagine he could do it just by saying the word "now" with his eyes shut every time uke goes from having his hand by his side to raising it up in the air. The saying of "now" is hardly martial, however, the the capacity to say "now" at that time/space, the sensitivity behind it, is key to any martial application - in my opinion. If you watch Barrish, watching when/where he moves, regardless of what he does or doesn't do, you can see he is moving in light of this awareness/sensitivity. For my money, in my experience, that is pretty impressive - so much so I am drawn to that part of the video and less so to the fact that the uke's are taking prat falls.

thanks for writing,

David M. Valadez
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