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Odd attacks

Tim Jester wrote:
For instance, what if your pulled backwards off balance with a rear choke, and the attacker isn't in motion and you are caught completely by surprise? What if your sitting in a chair and grabbed from behind?
I agree with Tim's conclusion, about aikido being practiced in so many different ways.
For example, in my dojo we frequently do the rear choke in gotai, which means applied by uke before tori begins the technique. I would not say that we are familiar with all kinds of chokes, but we are working on such things, doing our best to solve them the aiki way

As for being attacked when sitting in a chair, I have tried it a bit, but I must confess that it's not part of our dojo's curriculum - not only because it is disaster to the tatami
I have seen very accomplished aikidoka do it, with impressive results. One who enjoyed showing it was Nakazono sensei.

And we have all seen films of Osensei, when he applied his principles to all kinds of tricky situations, with obvious amusement.

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